Meet Our Board

Meet Free Geek Toronto’s Amazing Team of Board Members

We’re board members and super-volunteers tirelessly dedicated to helping provide access to computers and the internet in Toronto through secure, ethical electronics recycling and community advocacy. Our mission is to promote social & economic justice!

Alexandra Wilkinson
Alexandra Wilkinson| Director Alexandra is an experienced communications and public affairs professional with a passion for helping governments, health care organizations and not-for-profits bring their mission, vision, and values to life.
Zeina Osman
Zeina Osman| Director Zeina is an ambitious change-maker experienced in digital communication strategies. Originally trained in public and media relations, Zeina shifted industries in 2012 to the not-for-profit and social enterprise world.
June Findlay
June Findlay| Vice-President June is an experienced brand and creative strategist with experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors. She believes in the power of online movements and discussion to create change “IRL” (in real life) in our communities.
Reni Walker
Reni Walker| President Reni Walker is a senior Digital Marketing and Communications professional with experience working in publishing, broadcasting, media, and financial services.
Natalie Bay
Natalie Bay| Director Natalie has been involved in both private sector and non-profit organizations, building teams and activating communities to drive growth for a social purpose.
Craig Ruttan
Craig Ruttan| Treasurer Craig is an advocate for building livable, inclusive, and resilient communities, and has worked on pressing public policy issues through roles in government, not-for-profit organizations, and the private sector.
Hana Chaudhury
Hana Chaudhury| Director Hana is a management consultant with a passion for entrepreneurship, marketing, public policy, and technology. She is also a G(irls) on Boards participant.
Neil Gangal
Neil Gangal| Secretary Neil is an experienced, passionate product manager within the financial industry, and also has a diverse amount of work experiences within the social sector.
Mandy Sherman
Mandy Sherman| Director Mandy has experience facilitating, leading, and developing people across various frameworks, and is a Communications Manager in international development.
Ryan Fukunaga
Ryan Fukunaga| Executive Director & Ex Officio Member Working at Free Geek Toronto has allowed Ryan to focus on his interests in capacity building, fostering a DIY/hacker/maker ethos, environmental stewardship, and building technological resiliency for marginalized communities.