Schedule an E-Waste Pickup

Due to COVID-19, Free Geek Toronto is currently not doing any residential pick ups. We ask individuals and households to drop off items at 180 Sudbury St, Unit C3.

Need help donating your technology? We pick up on Thursdays between 12:00 – 4:00 pm. 

See the map below for regions we support and we’ll work with you to accommodate your pick-up needs. Please note: There is a pick-up fee based on your location.


We do not enter homes and reserve the right to refuse a dangerous job and/or reschedule.

We do not take items over 150lbs (70 kg).

  • Service Area A (Downtown) – $40

  • Service Area B (Mid-town) – $60

  • Service Area C (Toronto Suburbs) – $80

  • Service Area D (Suburbs) – $100

Let us know your pick up needs by completing the form below