OCTOBER 30, 2021


This Earth Day you can make a big difference for our small organization!

As an active advocate for a circular economy, Free Geek Toronto is doing its utmost to help minimize negative impacts on the environment. We take in unwanted technology, and through an exhaustive process, are able to determine what can be reused and what has to be recycled. Our focus on reuse decreases the amount of new waste being created while also increasing access to affordable technology for those in need. Access to hardware, along with connectivity, is the first step to creating a digitally inclusive society, where technology is demystified.

How do we get the tech back into circulation?

  • Purchase replacement parts to keep devices, especially laptops and computers, out of the landfill.
  • Offering skills-building opportunities that provide an environment for people to gain experience with technology, with an emphasis on computer repair and refurbishment.
  • We use open-source software as a means of combatting planned obsolescence.
  • Operating a volunteer program that supports every aspect of our operations, including reuse, event and workshops. In 2022 there were 60 people who volunteered with Free Geek Toronto, helping get over 500 items from cables, remotes, and computers a second chance.
  • Offering tech at an affordable cost – Since 2020, 25% of our refurbished computers have been donated to community organizations, used as part of programming, or sold for under $100

What can you do?

Donate Your Old Tech

You can drop off your used electronics on Fridays and Saturdays from 1 PM to 5 PM.


Come out to a Volunteer Information Session to learn about how you can help us out!

Make a monetary donation

Your contribution will help sustain our operations and ensure that we are able to continue to repair, recycle, and resell used electronics and computers.

Please note that Free Geek Toronto is unable to provide a charitable tax receipt.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Free Geek Toronto Community. We hope that on this Earth Day, we have inspired you to take a small action towards protecting our Earth!

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