OCTOBER 30, 2021

How to Donate Unwanted Computers and Electronics for Earth Day 2022

By Courtney Evers, Free Geek Toronto volunteer.

Happy Earth Day 2022! Are you getting ready to do your spring cleaning? If you have older technology such as laptops, desktops, printers, scanners and more, our donation site is currently open on Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 5pm at 180 Sudbury St., just south of Queen St. W.

In 2021, Free Geek Toronto refurbished 227 computers. We were also able to get many of them out to the community at an accessible price through our retail store.

Last year also sent over 22,000 lbs of electronic waste to be recycled with our recycling partner, Quantum Lifecycle. That amount of weight is roughly equivalent to a mid-sized RV!

By refurbishing older tech into new computers and diverting as much waste as we can to be refurbished, ethically recycled, and properly disposed of, Free Geek Toronto is helping to reduce the impact of e-waste on our Earth’s health. If you want to learn more about e-waste and its environmental impacts, check out this article from our blog.

Last year we were unable to collect as many donations and refurbish the same number of computers as we usually would because of the pandemic and subsequent lock-downs. Now that we are open again we are looking forward to working with our community members, our wonderful volunteers and our dedicated staff to continue to make affordable, accessible technology available to everybody, while helping to reduce the impact of e-waste on the planet.

Please consider making us a part of your spring cleaning by donating your older or unwanted technology, and help us to make 2022 the best year yet!




Graphic and Network cards



RAM and Hard Drives

Mobile phones and tablets



Ethernet Cables

DVD and VCR players

LCD/Plasma TVs

Power Cords

Power Supplies



Radios and Receivers

Stereos and Amplifiers

Turntables and Speakers

Gaming Systems

Video projectors

You can drop by Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 5pm at our 180 Sudbury St. Location. If you would like more information or want to arrange a drop-off time, please call us at 416-572-3738.

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